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Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer Loft Conversions

It is no secret that finding extra space when you have a growing family is not easy, so most people prefer expanding their homes through a loft conversion. A loft conversion eliminates the fuss of finding a new home and adds excellent value to your property. If you also want to expand your home, expand your loft and turn it into a valuable living space. The most basic and easiest option for this is the dormer loft conversion, the most popular and in-demand style of loft conversion.

There is no doubt that loft conversion has been most in demand in recent years because, for most people, improving and not moving is the right game now, so what can be better than transforming a dead space into something useful? All you need is to contact the right people for your help, and MCA Build is always here to help. We believe in offering complete details to our clients before they decide to go with specific changes. If you are thinking about a loft conversion, you must have heard the word “Dormer”. So if you want to know what dormer loft extension is, MCA, known as the leading dormer loft conversion company, is here to offer you all the necessary details about dormer loft conversion.

What is Dormer Loft Conversion?

Dormer loft conversion involves adding a “box-shaped” extension on the top of your house. To create usable internal space, you can build it on your roof’s side, back, or even front. There are vertical walls in the dormer extension that contrast with the angles of the pitched roof and echo the angles of your exterior house walls. Most dormer loft extensions have flat roofs, but it is possible if you want to fit a pitched roof. Your dormer loft conversions contractors can help add plenty of space and head height to your room, making it similar to any other room in your home.

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It is no secret that finding extra space when you have a growing family is not easy, so most people prefer expanding their homes through a loft conversion.

Different Types of Dormer Loft Conversion

There is a wide range of styles in which you can build your dormer extension to suit the style of your home:

  • Flat Roof Dormer: This dormer has a horizontal flat roof.
  • Shed Dormer: This style has a flat roof, but the roof slopes down.
  • Dog-house Dormer: This style has a top with two pitched sides, similar to a classic dog house.
  • Hipped Roof Dormer: It is similar to the dog-house dormer but has a roof with three pitched sides instead of two.
  • Shed Dormer: A shed dormer is primarily similar to a flat roof dormer, but the difference is a slight slope of the roof of the shed dormer. This slope helps in the drainage from the roof.
  • L-shaped Dormer: In this style, two parts form an L-shape, touched above the roof.

Full Dormer and Partial Dormer

Dormer loft conversions are available in a wide range of styles such as shed, hipped, L-shaped and others, but there are only two core categories in which they all fall: full and partial dormers. A full dormer is a single dormer that covers most of the length of the roof, whereas a partial dormer covers only a part of the roof. Depending upon the room layout beneath them, the partial dormer is often done as double and triple.


Benefits of Building a Dormer Loft Conversion

Other than the dormer loft conversion cost, which is among the most affordable loft conversions, there many other benefits which make it an excellent way to add space to your home:

  • A lot of Head Room: Dormer loft conversion offers a good amount of headroom, making it an ideal choice among many. One of the smartest ways of adding new space and style to your home is picking a modern dormer loft conversion.
  • Increased Natural Light: It allows more natural light into your room as you can fit windows and let light in due to your loft’s increased exterior surface area. The natural light will make your loft look bigger and make it easy to spend more time there.
  • Versatile: Dormer loft extensions are incredibly versatile. The space you get after building a dormer loft conversion can be used in many ways, such as a playroom, office, ensuite, or even a master bedroom. The increased height enables you to add fittings like tall cupboards and showers, which is not that easy to get in other types of loft conversion.
Dormer Loft Conversions


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Is Planning Permission Required for Dormer Loft Conversion?

Usually, planning permission is not required to build a dormer loft conversion as it falls in the permitted development category, but best is to double-check to be sure. Some instances are listed below in which you may need planning permission:

  • If your house is in a listed building or you live in a conservation area.
  • If your dormer exceeds 50 metres on a semi-detached/detached home or 40 meters on a terraced house.
  • If the height of your dormer loft conversion is more than the original roof.
  • If your dormer features a balcony.
  • If the material used to build your dormer is out of character with the rest of your house.
  • If your dormer affects your neighbours, such as overshadowing or overlooking them, you will need planning permission.

We Take Care of It All

MCA build has been helping clients for years as the leading, independent dormer loft conversion company to build suitable dormer loft conversions. The procedures and methods we adopt to complete our job enable us to stand out in the industry. Only trust the best as your dormer loft conversion contractors, and contact us now! We will offer you a team who will look after everything professionally. We offer:

  • Highly qualified architects
  • Assist in council permits and planning approvals
  • Experienced engineers and builders
  • Award-winning firm
  • Aid in designing, planning and construction