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Dormer Loft Conversion Chichester

Dormer Loft Conversion Chichester

Turn your space into a useful living space

 If you want to expand your space by converting it into a valuable living space, dormer loft conversions are the best option. These dormers typically involve the installation of a box-shaped structure in your home’s sloped roof. Our dormer loft conversion Chichester team is proficient in creating walls that are right-angled to your floor. It is the perfect option for those who want to add much more space, as lofts with dormers provide much more light and standing space.

Different types of dormer conversions

If you’re considering converting unused attic space into a trendy loft conversion, we provide you with modern dormer loft conversion. Dormer loft conversions are easier to install, more spacious, and one of our homeowners’ favourites. Here’s a detailed guide about the types of dormer loft conversion offered by our dormer loft conversion Chichester professionals

  • Single dormer loft conversion: These are similar to rooflight dormer conversion. It adds useful head height, and a small balcony can also be added as per the preference of customers.
  • Double or full-width dormer: Our double dormer loft conversion in Chichester involves the construction of two dormers, one over the roof of the main house and the second as a rear extension. These dormers are usually flat-roofed and extend to the width of the entire structure. Our dormer loft conversion Chichester team uses modern cladding materials for full-width dormers. 
  • Flat roofed dormer: It is well suited for terraced homes. It is built at the rear of your home on a flat horizontal roof. Our dormer loft conversion Chichester team adds value to your home by giving it an exclusive and eclectic feel.
  • Front pitched or gabled dormer loft conversion: A dormer topped with a gable roof is visually more appealing than flat roofed loft conversions. Our gable dormer loft conversion Chichester professionals are proficient in creating dormers at the rear and side of your house with full height glazing. 
  • L-shaped dormer loft conversion: It is an efficient way to add valuable space to your house. As L-shaped dormers comprise of two dormers connected in an L shape.

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Dormer window options

For dormer window loft conversion in Chichester, we provide various options depending on the structure and type of dormer loft conversion you have opted for. Many homeowners prefer a single full-size window for their loft, but we can add as many as you prefer.

Best suited ideas for dormer loft conversion

With a wide range of dormer loft conversions, our dormer loft conversion Chichester team also assists in giving valuable suggestions for your newly constructed lofts.


  • Dormer loft bedrooms: Our dormer loft conversion is ideal for creating a new bedroom with plenty of space. If your kids are sharing a bedroom, the new bedroom offers space for your child to have their own room.
  • Dormer ensuite: It is super inconvenient to have a room without a bathroom. Our dormer extensions allow you to attach the bathroom directly to the bedroom.
  • A tranquil escape: If you want a separate room in your house where you can unwind and have coffee in the evening. With our L-shaped dormer loft conversion, you can create valuable space for a sofa, rugs, and other furniture.
  • Music room/Office room: Dormers can accommodate all your needs, from a spacious home office with plenty of storage area, a music room for your kid and a perfect yoga area to relax after a tiring day at work. It can be used for a variety of purposes.

Benefits of Building a dormer loft conversion

Dormer loft conversion offers you various advantages

Provides enough headspace

Many people choose dormer loft conversion as it offers extra headroom space. Instead of hunching under a slanted roof, dormer expands your loft roof level, allowing you to increase your space.


Increased natural light in your home

Building dormer loft is a good way to increase natural light in your home. Through full-length window installation, you can enjoy the scenic scenes of sky and garden all day. Increasing the flow of natural light in your loft not only makes it feel bigger but also livelier.

Versatile option

 The essential advantage of dormer loft conversion is their adaptability. Your newly constructed loft can be used for almost anything, a playroom, master bedroom or office.  Due to enough headspace, cupboards are easily installed in this type of loft conversion.

Incredible cost for dormer loft conversion

Our dormer loft conversion cost in Chichester is far less than our competitors.  Each project cost varies depending upon the type of dormer loft conversion you have opted for.  The entire cost is heavily influenced by the style and size of loft conversion.  But generally, flat dormer loft conversions with windows are cost-effective when compared with sloping roofs that have integral volume.