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Maximise The Beauty of Your House Through a Kitchen Extension

Kitchen Extensions

A kitchen is considered the heart of a house as the house owner spends the majority of their time in the kitchen for cooking, baking, or other household chores. In most homes, kitchens are too small and compact, and building a new kitchen or moving to a bigger house is nearly impossible. So, a suitable and easy way to increase the efficiency of your kitchen is to add an extension. A kitchen extension increases the beauty of your house and also adds to your comfort and peace of mind. These extensions help you improve the functionality of your home as well as increase the value of your property in future.

So, stop worrying about the small space of your house, and start thinking about adding an extension to your kitchen. This is where MCA Build comes to help you with the most innovative and creative designs for your Modern Kitchen Extension. Be our guest, and let us design an extension for your kitchen.

What Are the Benefits of a Kitchen Extension?

A kitchen extension doesn’t require a lot of space from your house, and it maximises the efficiency of your kitchen area using creative designs and innovative ideas. Adding an extension to your kitchen may seem costly, but in the long run, these extensions add to the value and beauty of your house. If you’re confused about whether or not you should add an extension to your home, let us help you with that. Below are some of the benefits of kitchen extensions to your house.

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Extending your loft could be the perfect solution if you need to add an extra room in your home

A house extension works as a cost-effective and elegant alternative to moving to a new place.

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As one of the leading kitchen extension experts, we offer two different types of building services. Design and build kitchen extension

Our MCA Construction team is experienced at designing innovative and stylish garage conversions in Hampshire and East Sussex.

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We focus on repairs, extensions and refurbishments for bathrooms of all types, sizes and styles.

It is no secret that finding extra space when you have a growing family is not easy, so most people prefer expanding their homes through a loft conversion.

Increases The Value of Your Property

Homes with modern extensions are most sought after when put for sale. These features attract more buyers for your house and help you to sell your property at an added price. These extensions may be the reason to stop you from moving out of your home because making an extension is less costly than buying a new house.

Beautifies Your House

With small renovations, you can beautify your house to a greater extent, i.e., building a skylight kitchen extension will make your kitchen more spacious, versatile, and visually appealing. Even a very minute kitchen side extension can increase your house’s beauty to a large extent.

Increases Available Space

Another benefit of a kitchen extension is the added space that it provides. How about using this added space for storage, a kitchen island, or a separate bar for drinks? The most popular of them is to use this added space to merge the cooking and dining sections. This space can be used as multi-functional area for parties, dining, or functions.


How Do We Plan and Design Your Kitchen Extension?

Redesigning or renovating your kitchen is the most exciting part of adding an extension to your house. A Kitchen Extension Design is the far most important step of your kitchen extension as this design decides the new shape of your kitchen. Here at MCA, we believe in offering quality designing services which are way above the industry standards. Our designers consider and understand all aspects of your house to design an effective and innovative design for your extension.

Kitchen Investigation and Analysis

During our first meeting with the client, we conduct a detailed investigation of the kitchen and analyse the possible aspects of the design. We are aware of the needs of our customers and provide an estimated project budget. 

Planning Phase

Our team of architects create designs and incorporates all the design elements for a fantastic kitchen extension. We use innovative ideas to create designs that fit your kitchens. We carry out detailed investigations to avoid any inconvenience in the end. However, this step takes much time but delivers the required results for our clients.

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Approval and Revision of Initial Plans

Our crew revisits your house, but this time with a primary layout of the design for your kitchen. The client is wholly briefed about the minor and significant details of the plan. Now, if the client wants to make any changes, our team will note those details and try to incorporate them into our design.

Creating Final Design

Our mission is to provide our clients with a spacious, light-filled kitchen. We try our best to make this possible for your kitchen. Considering different aspects of a location, we implement innovative and creative designs in your kitchen. We try to make your kitchen as spacious and beautiful as possible.

Kitchen Extension Costs

The cost of kitchen extensions varies depending on the kitchens’ size and design. Here at MCA Build, we divide costs into two parts:

  • Cost of Construction of an Extension
  • Cost of Kitchen Vanities

It’ll be easy to calculate the total cost for your kitchen extensions. We try our best to offer our extension services as affordably as possible to attract a significant pool of clients. To facilitate our customers, we follow an upfront pricing system for our services.