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Kitchen Extension Petersfield

Kitchen Extension: Our Work Guide

The kitchen is the core of the house. A well-developed kitchen eases your daily routine, whether you take breakfast in a hurry or satisfy food cravings at midnight. For proper utilisation of a kitchen, you need to hire experts; our kitchen extension Petersfield team is pro in their work. We take every possible way to provide you with a kitchen you would admire every day.

Choose Your Kitchen Extension Type

Modern kitchen extensions in Petersfield provide you with a variety of kitchen extensions. You can choose the type that matches your wishes, planning and taste. Our experts give useful advice to add to your thoughts and give you a clearer design, yet we do what our client wishes. The options our clients should consider for kitchen extension include the following,

Single-storey Kitchen Extension: Spacious Single-floor Extension

As classified by the name, the kitchen in this type is only at the first storey and extends only to that floor, and it has no link with the second storey. This is the common choice of our clients because this not only adds up extra working and dining space but also provides an installation area for appliances. Comparatively, it costs less and provides benefits too.

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Side Return Extension: Use of Abandoned Place

Some houses have a gap or space at a side which is abandoned or not used. A kitchen extension is done at these gaps to make your kitchen large, roomy and spacious. Our professionals help you use the wasted ground in super productive kitchens so that you can enjoy making meals.

Wrap-Around Extension: Contemporary Extension

The kitchen side extension provides a wrap-around extension with a modern touch. It gives you wholesome benefits which are worth availing of. It is a side return extension with a rear extension to provide enormous spaces to work freely or make your dining area. Two roofing options are also offered, and the roofing can be flat or pitched, as our valuable customers desire.


Rear Kitchen Extension: The Open Choice

The kitchen extension is done from the back of the house, giving you an open choice in terms of roof design. The roof design can be the mono-pitched, centre-pitched or flat roof. The decision is made accounting for factors such as reducing garden space, the house’s outlook and existing design

Conservatory Extensions: Aesthetic Extension

If your house lacks natural light and does not provide you with a good view, then as kitchen extension experts, we offer you a conservatory extension. Conservatory extension promises to work within your budget, providing spaces and giving you an aesthetic view while having tea. This is the right decision for your workaholic life as it will give you time to chill and relax.

Kitchen Extension Petersfield

Reasons Our Kitchen Extensions Stand Out

Our kitchens stand out because we have invested in our learning and grooming. Keeping up with the rising trends, we offer updated services. However, we truly value our clients who want traditional touch in their kitchens and give them an up-to-the-mark service. Here are some of our secrets that make our kitchen extension stand out. This include,

  • Monochromatic Pastel-coloured Paints
  • Minimalistic Decors and Detailing
  • Easy Hardware
  • Frameless Overlay Cabinetry
  • Unique Bi-folded Doors


Kitchen Extension Procedure at your Place

Our team provides you with efficient service. We also offer large and small kitchen extension in Petersfield. The work hierarchy is the same; the only thing that differs is our clients' innovative ideas or selection. Our work procedure consists of some basic steps such as,


Contact Us and Get a Competitive Quote

Contact us through our website, mail or contact number, fill out some particulars and get a competitive quote for our services.

Examination of the Site

Our technical team will visit your site and examine the conditions, structural set up, and many other factors before house extension. The analysis is done to suggest the type, design and budget of the kitchen extension.

Let’s Plan It Out

After the analysis, our team will have a meeting with you to plan out the essentials. Here we exchange ideas and thoughts, give suggestions and mutually plan the kitchen extension. We will discuss the details of the types and designs of the service, from the most demanding to the most affordable; we are here to assist you with any help and information.


Making a Contract

Detailed planning requires good contracting as well. The contract we will make will be the final one, to which changes will not be made, specifically the budget. The kitchen extension cost in Petersfield is highly affordable, and we do not claim additional charges not mentioned on the contract. We do not believe in huge sums of profits; we believe in customer ease.

Lights Check, Camera Check, Now Action!

Now that we have thought and paperwork let our team come into action. You will see how beautifully our hard-working team will finish your project within the time decided. The perfection of our able team speaks for itself. While working on your kitchen, you need to relax because when you are done, your work of making delicious foods will begin.

Enjoy the Classic Look

Once our team is done, you analyse our performance, give us thumbs up sign for satisfaction and enjoy the classic look we gave according to your desire.

Why MCA Builds?  

Kitchen Extension Petersfield has many clients who trust us with closed eyes with their work. It would help you if you chose MCA Build because we are

  • Dutiful, honest and responsible
  • Updated in knowledge and highly skilful
  • No compromise on quality
  • Prioritising your satisfaction and welcoming your ideas
  • Simple work policy

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