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Dormer Loft Conversion Petersfield

Dormer Loft Conversion Petersfield

A guide to dormer loft conversions

Dormer loft conversion is a type of conversion where the pitched roof is altered into a box-shaped structure with gable walls that are at a right angle to the ground. The altered structure of the roof provides a larger and more internal surface area. Instead of leaving your sloped roof, our modern dormer loft conversion in Petersfield extends the roof laterally from the peak and increases its usefulness.  Our goal is to create a spacious room that adds value to your home. Our dormer loft conversion Petersfield experts create airy and brightened rooms to maximise the potential of your property.

We transform useless space into a large loft with an airy room and brightened space with the installation of dormer windows. There are several types of dormer loft conversions, and the best one for your home will depend on the shape of your current roof structure and the type of house, such as terraced, semi-detached, or detached.

Contemporary dormer loft conversion

Although dormer loft conversion itself adds plenty of space to your place but dormer windows are a plus in increasing the volume of roof space.  We work on the process of loft conversion after taking into consideration all the preferences of homeowners.  Most homeowners prefer dormers at the back of the house, but in modern-day construction, dormers are added to the front and rear of your house.

Single dormer conversion

Small dormer loft conversion in Petersfield is done when the space is limited and does not contribute to an increase in space. Two single dormer loft conversions on both sides of the roof can add symmetry and increase the value of your house.

Full-width dormers

A great way to maximise space while increasing the aesthetic value of your house.

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Modern rear dormer loft conversion

To create additional height and floor space, our professionals add a dormer of your preferred size to your roof on the rear side.

The incredible cost of dormer loft conversion

Dormer loft conversion cost depends upon plenty of factors. To name a few, they include

  • Complexity of dormer conversion
  • Size of the roof
  • Quality product and finishes you want in your dormer

Our dormer loft conversion cost in Petersfield is far less than our competitors and is a huge bang for your buck.

3 top considerations for dormer loft conversions

   The top three major factors that influence the decision of quality dormer loft conversion are

  1. The type of roof you currently have
  2. What are your requirements for the loft conversion
  3. Your allocated budget for the loft conversion

Dormer loft conversions are the typical type of loft conversion as it offers additional space and involves relatively simple construction work.  If you do not have the ideal roof type for dormer loft conversion, our dormer loft conversions in Petersfield team is proficient in full removal of roof and construction of loft conversion, but as it is costly, it can be heavy on your pocket.


Make the most through dormer loft conversion

Dormers add more headroom and floor space

The high preference for a dormer loft conversion is due to the extra headroom space it provides.   Instead of congested headspace of slanted roofs, a dormer loft conversion is a viable option to increase the space. Along with headspace, it also increases the usable floor space.  Through flat dormer loft conversion Petersfield, you can add a huge amount of usable space to accommodate two bedrooms with an ensuite.

Better light through roof dormers and dormer windows

Are you in need of a spacious room to enjoy the daylight? Our dormer loft conversion Petersfield services allow you to install standard windows in the walls of the loft to enjoy natural daylight.  As your loft space is filled with natural light, it would look more welcoming and pleasing. 

Room with scenic views

Big windows are the symbol of a luxurious room.  Our full-height dormer windows are installed in rear dormers for an opulent feel.  When you unfold your curtains, the full view of your garden and sky gives a royal feel.

Dormer Loft Conversion Petersfield


Adding aesthetic value to your house through dormer loft conversion

A well-designed and high-height roof dormer can improve the curb appeal of your home. Moreover, loft windows are good for better ventilation and add a wow factor to the external and internal appearance of your home.

Improvising the interior of the house

A dormer window spot is perfect for having coffee in the evening and can also serve as a book-reading corner for homeowners.   Our dormer loft conversion Petersfield team adds unique features to the interior appearance of your home to facelift the property.

The adaptability of dormer lofts

Among several advantages, another important benefit of dormer loft conversion is its adaptability.  The increased space of dormer lofts can adjust full-length cupboards and mirrors.