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House Extension Petersfield

House Extension Petersfield

Get Purposeful House Extension Now!

House extension refers to adding any structure to the existing structure for a purpose. The design may include kitchen or basement extension, loft conversion, increasing of living space, and so on. House Extension Petersfield provides high-quality house extensions to clients that may be a single storey or two storeys. With thoughtful designs and maximising benefits, house extension specialists in Petersfield ensure satisfactory service for you.

How Can House Extension Be Useful?

Best House Extensions in Petersfield give you such excellent extensions that you can use them in multiple ways. Although when clients are looking for house extension services, they are clear in mind how to use them; here are some of the ways you can benefit from house extension,

  • Get a comfortable room to ease off the hectic day
  • Increase the storage of the house
  • Get your kids a playroom
  • Make a home office for official meetings for online work
  • Add a guest room

House extensions are successful after a series of steps which could be done by perfectionists only. House extension specialists in Petersfield provide the best service in the town because we work in a synchronised way, one step following another with coordination among the entire team. The series of steps we follow include the following.

Initially, the ground is prepared, including removing unwanted structures, clearing the soil and removing any dust or extra materials from the ground.

To lay the foundations, the ground is dug out, and the footings of the extensions are marked. The drains are led and connected from the ground during the laying process. It should not be ignored that damp proofing will be needed to put in place at this step.

The ground is perfect for the construction to begin. The walls are built first using breeze blocks with brick as an outer skin. The materials are used as selected by the client. Following the building of the walls, window sills and lintels are installed. If you are planning a double-storey extension, we will install the upper floor joists at this stage.

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Next is Extension Roof

Once the floor and walls are done, next is the extension of the roof. The extension is done such that a perfect frame is made and is given a jaw-dropping touch by tiles. The last step is to add guttering and downpipes.

Cherry on Top

The final step of the entire procedure is to add windows and doors. Finishing touches are given by minimal, traditional or contemporary house accessories according to the client’s wishes. Now you can enjoy the extension you have dreamed of all this time!

House Extension Petersfield

Are You Confused About Planning Permission?

Usually, extensions do not require planning permission, and the area demands some rules to be followed during extension or renovation. For example, a certain height and width limit should not be exceeded. However, this varies from place to place. If the laws of your area require a permit, do not worry because our company will assist you in every possible way in getting the permit for your house extension in Petersfield easily and as early as possible.

MCA Build: Trusted House Extension Contractors

Our house extension company in Petersfield is famous for its house extension services. Over the years of experience and excellence, we have learned and groomed in our work. We have developed qualities that are necessary for a construction company, such as,

Fair Contracting

MCA Builds focus on fair contracting. The contract is decided with mutual consent and does not change till the end. Moreover, we do not claim additional charges between or at the end of the contract. We are reliable in terms of service, budget, terms and conditions.

Fully Insured

Our home extensions builders in Petersfield provide full insurance for protecting your belongings. Insurance cover replacing or repairing and compensating any loss or tumbledown.

Cost-effective Service

house extension costs vary according to the service you opt for. Yet MCA Builds goes the extra mile to help you get your house extension within your budget. For us, your dreams and wishes matter, so we are here to support you in every possible way.

Skilled and Knowledgeable Team

We are proud of our skilled and knowledgeable team. Our team is given training in their work and is sent on-site for work due to their dedication and capability to achieve your contentment.


Ecofriendly Service

As much as we care about you, we also keep in mind that our service is eco-friendly. We dispose of the waste carefully and have updated technology that does not add black smoke or pollution to the environment.    

On-time Deliverance

We deliver on time and do not believe in excuses or delaying the contract. On board, we have an efficient team that loves building customers’ dreams. Adding to our full bundle of good company, we take full responsibility for completing your project within the required time.

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