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Kitchen Renovation and Refurbishment Services

Kitchen Renovation

One of the most visited places in a house, the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. House owners spend most of their time in the kitchen while cooking or doing other house chores, which is why kitchen renovation is one of the trendiest things people are inclined to undertake nowadays. As the most reliable building company, we have the best designers to provide our customers with highly trusted kitchen refurbishment and renovation ideas.

How is Kitchen Renovation Beneficial?

Among other factors, a kitchen refurbishment is considered for the following reasons:

  • Fits well with your lifestyle.
  • Improves your kitchen’s functionality.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Prevents your kitchen from deteriorating.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Increases the overall value of your house.

Renovate your kitchen with MCA Build

Kitchen renovation is the most challenging task when refurbishing a house. While planning to invigorate a multi-functional space like a kitchen, you need experts for the task. Visit our kitchen renovation contractors to design your kitchen and avail the best services and designs that will go perfectly with your house look.

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Extending your loft could be the perfect solution if you need to add an extra room in your home

A house extension works as a cost-effective and elegant alternative to moving to a new place.

Are you looking for the best Hampshire and East Sussex building contractors to build your new house? We provides high standard services that are within your budget

As one of the leading kitchen extension experts, we offer two different types of building services. Design and build kitchen extension

Our MCA Construction team is experienced at designing innovative and stylish garage conversions in Hampshire and East Sussex.

Our service is tailored to support commercial enterprises with building extensions and alterations, including guidance with Planning

We focus on repairs, extensions and refurbishments for bathrooms of all types, sizes and styles.

It is no secret that finding extra space when you have a growing family is not easy, so most people prefer expanding their homes through a loft conversion.

Stylish Modern Kitchens

Following the latest designs, products and trends, MCA Build offers modern kitchen designs to give your kitchen a contemporary and stylish look.

Our stylish kitchen illustrates out-class designs. Our innovative designs and storage solutions make the kitchen more suitable for daily life. We offer ergonomic designs that are downright functional and generate a healthy, safe and happy environment for the house members.

Elegant Classic Kitchen

Our classical and traditional kitchen renovation model plays a vital role in making any house elegant. As a kitchen renovation company, we provide the finest quality makeovers that depict the ideal English designs and crafts for your kitchen.

Our classical kitchens will look as good as new even after years of installation, and our high-quality fixtures and fittings are installed to the highest standard for rendering the best kitchen renovations.


Remove and Re-install Renovation

If kitchen appliances or products go out of order, then they need to be removed and replaced with new appliances. Removal and re-installation will not have any impact on the layout and design of the kitchen, yet it will increase the functionality of your kitchen. Replacement of impaired products on time will also help in saving energy.

Is your kitchen looking imperfect? It just needs a makeover

Sometimes, even a small alteration makes a huge difference. It’s not like you always need to change a complete kitchen’s structure to give it a new look. Sometimes, changes to your cabinets, drawers, worktops, or other kitchen surfaces can bring a creative look to your kitchen.

Do you want kitchen cabinet renovation?

With age and use, kitchen cabinets and drawers deteriorate, which brings your kitchen in bad shape. A complete renovation of your kitchen might get costly for you, and it is better to change the cabinets or drawers for an affordable kitchen renovation. A refresh like this can bring a modest outlay and a new look to your kitchen. MCA Build is offering you kitchen renovation services that will bring out the best for your space without making major alterations.

Kitchen Renovation


Areas We Cover

Kitchen Worktop Refurbishment

Worktop is the most used product in the kitchen; therefore, it often deteriorates. Changing your kitchen worktop and countertop is much preferred over complete kitchen renovation. Our experts offer a flawless repair and installation service suitable to all types of worktop and countertop damages. Our quality worktops comprise granite, quartz, recycled glass and porcelain decorative materials that will give an elegant look to the entire kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Cost

The kitchen renovation price depends on various factors:

  • Size of the kitchen
  • Materials that you choose
  • If there are any other bits of work that need doing, such as plastering and electrics
  • How complex the installation is?

These are the factors that may affect your renovation costs. Yet, MCA Build aims to offer you affordable kitchen refurbishment costs.

Why MCA Build for Kitchen Renovation?

MCA Build is the leading UK kitchen renovation company to provide diverse kitchen makeover options with affordable pricing and quality service. Our budget-friendly kitchen models make us the most reliable and trustworthy company among other companies in the UK.