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House Extensions

MCA Build – We Are an All-in-One Building Industry

MCA Build caters to all aspects of building and refurbishment services. We work in house extensions, loft and garage conversions, new builds, kitchen extensions, and building alterations. We stringently adhere to government regulations in all our functions and render results of the highest standard.

Our services span Hampshire, East Sussex, and nearby regions. During the Design and Build phase, our team of architects work closely with you to prepare your architectural drawings and secure permission from the local authority. Only later will MCA Build proceed to carry out the construction project.

We take pride in our exceptional service and commitment to building the perfect structure you need. With the right team of architects and building specialists, your work shall be hassle-free, within budget, and tailored to your specifications.

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Extending your loft could be the perfect solution if you need to add an extra room in your home

A house extension works as a cost-effective and elegant alternative to moving to a new place.

Are you looking for the best Hampshire and East Sussex building contractors to build your new house? We provides high standard services that are within your budget

As one of the leading kitchen extension experts, we offer two different types of building services. Design and build kitchen extension

Our MCA Construction team is experienced at designing innovative and stylish garage conversions in Hampshire and East Sussex.

Our service is tailored to support commercial enterprises with building extensions and alterations, including guidance with Planning

We focus on repairs, extensions and refurbishments for bathrooms of all types, sizes and styles.

It is no secret that finding extra space when you have a growing family is not easy, so most people prefer expanding their homes through a loft conversion.

With Our House Extension Builders, Get Strides Ahead

A house extension works as a cost-effective and elegant alternative to moving to a new place. Our house extension specialists understand the hassle, time, and energy – not least the hefty amount – that a new build merit. If you plan to carry out one, and are confused about any aspect concerning house extension, call us to discuss your project in detail. We gladly oblige by laying out several options for you and give you an instant house extension quote. 

There are multiple routes to take when considering a home extension, some of which we have rounded up below:

  • Single-storey or Rear Extensions
  • Wrap Around Home Extensions
  • Double or Multi-storey
  • Cellar or Basements Conversion
  • Over-structure Extensions
  • Loft Conversions
House Extensions


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Seeking the best house extensions? Address these questions first:

As house extension contractors, we can establish that one of the best ways to add additional space to your house is by constructing house extensions. However, before embarking on this journey, ensure you get the right answers to the following questions:


To what extent will my house extension increase the value of my property?

For house extensions to add value to your property, you will need to ensure that the value exceeds the house extension cost. Also, work out the ceiling value in your region and make necessary adjustments to your plan accordingly.

How does Party Wall Act relate to house extension?

Party Wall Act allows you to build up to, or on, your neighbour’s boundary. It formalises the procedure and works in everyone’s interests. For this, you will require a surveyor to function on your behalf.

Are the foundations robust enough for a house extension?

A number of options are available for the foundations that are not strong enough to withstand an extension. These include underpinning, using steel frame bedded in new concrete pad footings, or demolishing and rebuilding.

Is there a need to consider and plan services for the extension?

Extending your kitchen or planning a new bathroom would require considering new services, such as the position of units, ventilation, plumbing, etc.

Can I live on-site during the extension?

If you are not prepared to live in a mess or be the cause of disruption, you may consider moving to a hotel, short-term rental, or staying with family or friends.

To what extent will limited access impact my construction?

A terraced home, for instance, might have limited access, which will subsequently be a hurdle in some parts of the construction process. Also, you might want to take some help from your neighbours during the course of your project.

Does my house extension go along with the existing structure?

Whether the house extension complements your existing build or is in contrast with it influences the success of your build, so take such important decisions with caution. 

Can off-site construction help me save time and money?

Some construction elements, such as cross-laminated timber and structural insulated panels, can be managed in a factory off-site.

Should I project manage my build?

If you feel confident about dealing with the problems associated with the project, you may incorporate high levels of patience, organisation, problem-solving and decision-making skills before setting out to project manage your build.

Will I be paying Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)?

According to some councils, CIL is applicable to extensions exceeding 100 square meters in the gross internal area. We recommend you check with your local council to know if there are any CIL charges and if and how to claim the relief.

Will I require site insurance for my project?

Carrying out a house extension requires you to have site insurance with an acclaimed insurance provider to cover the existing property and new builds until they get completed.

Do the planning rules differ in my area?

Conservation Areas limit Permitted Development rights, and you need to contact your local conservation officer if you have the extension planned in your mind.

Does my plan affect my privacy?

The kind of extension you get may expose your new build to the passersby or your neighbours. For that, you will have to consider the boundary treatments.

How much should I keep for the contingency budget?

House extension prices vary with the project. We recommend the contingency to be somewhere between 10 and 20%.

Can I get VAT relief on the extension?

Certain extension projects can apply for VAT relief, such as listed buildings, conversion of existing structures that changes the number of units, and work done on an uninhabited property left unoccupied for at least two years. However, you will need a VAT-registered builder for that as you cannot claim the VAT on your own.

Do I have to intimate building control?

Before initiating the project, you will need to inform through a building notice or complete plans application to the building control; you will likely be able to rectify any shortcomings that might be against Building Regulations and highlighted during an inspection.

Will my new glazing produce glare or cause overheating?

While more light in the build is what one may desire, unmanaged light ingress can engender overheating connected to solar gain.

To what extent can I add more glazing to my house?

Building Regulations restrict the total glazing area to 25 per cent of the extension’s floor region.