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Garage Conversion Chichester

Garage Conversion Chichester

MCA Build- A name you can trust

MCA Build assists you in converting your garage into a functional space that complements your lifestyle.  Without moving from your current locality, if you want to add more space to your house, a transformed garage is a unique way to increase the value of your home.

Turning Garage into a Fitness Room

As physical fitness is the utmost priority of people and many people like to relax by doing workout after a tiring day at work. With our smart and efficient solution of the garage to gym conversion, you can enjoy the comfort of a full fledge gym while staying within the boundaries of your home.

Instead of piling all the workout equipment in the basement and store, our garage conversion Chichester team provides a viable solution to convert your garage into a fully functional home gym. Our team is proficient in dealing with minor and major challenges during the conversion process and provides you best home gym.

Converting a garage saves cost and adds value to your home

You adore your house, but it is stuffed to the brim in terms of space. Building an extension may seem challenging, but leaving your fantastic neighbourhood is out of the question; if you have two car garages, our garage conversion company in Chichester turns your garage into useable space.

Many people own a single garage; only a small percentage use it for parking, and the rest of the garages are filled with sports equipment and gardening tools. By contacting our garage conversion Chichester team, you can turn your garage into a playroom for kids, a home office, a gym or even a guest room. 

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Garage Conversion – A growing trend

Due to the current economic uncertainty and housing issues, many homeowners prefer to convert their garage to add extra living space to their homes. Our garage conversion Chichester crew offers well-executed garage conversion with various advantages for all the homeowners.

Huge bang for the buck

A garage can undoubtedly be a valuable asset in congested areas where parking is scarce. However, because most homes do not require this space, a garage conversion is an excellent way to increase space.  Even when selling a home, buyers will pay more, and even this alone can serve as the selling point of your home. As the foundation and side walls are already in place, it is relatively a low investment compared to other home improvement projects.

Additional living space

Garage conversions add extra value and living space to your home. The new and additional living space can be used for a variety of purposes, as per the need of our customers. Unless you are living in a mega-mansion, the chances that you could benefit from extra living space are lesser.  

Does not reduce natural daylight in your house

Extensions usually cut off natural daylight from the rest of the house. But with garage conversion, you do not have the risk of losing natural light. Giving new life to your garage is the utmost priority of our professional team. Our experts always try their best to create more window options in your garage conversion, to facilitate better light and ventilation. Our appealing and aesthetic garage conversion makes your space ideal for curling up with a book on cold winter afternoons or unwinding on your lazy days. 


Easy construction process

Side walls, roofs and foundations are always in place, so it is relatively easy to complete the remaining construction work.  Because of the ease of work, they are one of the most affordable and convenient processes to improve your home.   It is a versatile type of construction as our garage conversion Chichester team changes and rearranges your space as per your need.

Smaller margin error

 It is not a typical extension project; hence it is less labour intensive. This means there is less room for error when the work is completed. Furthermore, if something goes wrong, it is relatively easy to correct.


Reliable garage conversion specialists

Our garage conversion Chichester crew invests a lot of time during the design stage to turn your under-utilized area into a habitable room. You can hire our best garage conversion builders at an affordable rate. 

Offering incredible price for garage conversion

The garage conversion cost entirely depends upon the size, type and functionality of the space you want.  We make sure that our garage conversion cost in Chichester is upfront to facilitate a larger user base.