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Dormer Loft Conversion Fareham

Dormer Loft Conversion Fareham

Let’s Decide on Your Dormer Loft Conversion

The addition of a box-shaped structure on the pitched roof is called dormer loft conversion. It sits at a 90-degree angle to the floor. The benefits of the dormer loft conversion are similar to loft conversion. Dormer loft conversion Fareham provides an expert service that expands the headspace and increases the floor space.

Why is Dormer Loft Conversion Preferred?

There are a number of factors due to which dormer loft conversion is preferred. The preference is justified by looking at the following benefits of modern dormer loft conversion:

  • Easier to install
  • Light on electric bills
  • Eco-friendly
  • More affordable
  • Provides extra space inside the room
  • Time and resource saviour

All Types Available just for you

You will find all the types and designs of dormer loft conversion at MCA Build. We have specialised in every format and encourage our clients’ challenging ideas because nothing is impossible for us. The dormer conversion types we offer include:

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Custom Made: Single Dormer Loft Conversion

The benefit of single dormer loft conversion is that you can customise it yourself and increase the headspace or add a small balcony to your building. It is a relatively convenient method for dormer loft conversion regarding requirements and budget.

Extended: Double or Full-width Dormer Conversion

Suggested by the name, this type consists of two dormers. One is over the roof of the original house structure, while the other is at the rear extension. The overall look of the double dormer loft conversion is flat roofed that extends on the entire structure of your building.

Exclusive for Terraced Homes: Flat Roof Dormer

Flat roof dormer is exclusively designed for terraced roof houses. These are installed on a flat horizontal roof at the rear of the building.

King of Appealing: Pitched or Gabled Dormer Loft Conversion

Gabled roofs have the most appealing dormer loft conversions. The professional team of MCA Builds ensures proper modification of the dormer loft that adds attraction to your possession, giving it a jaw-dropping look.

Roomy: L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion

L-shaped dormer loft conversion consists of two dormers in your possession. This adds sufficient space to your house, which can be utilised in multiple ways per your needs and desires.

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Choose Your Dormer

While choosing your dormer design, some considerations should be kept in mind. The concerns are important as they define the needs and the purpose for getting dormer loft conversion. They are,

  • Design and type of existing roof
  • The reason for getting dormer loft conversions like space or aesthetics
  • The budget you have to spend
  • The incredible cost of dormer loft conversion


Variety of Dormer Window Loft Conversion Ideas

Dormer window loft conversion in Fareham offers a variety of ideas for our customers. The ideas depend on your chosen dormer conversion structure and type. The professional and experienced team is always there to guide you and clarify your thoughts. The window dormers are very pleasing and can be used in multiple ways. Although we welcome your imagination, here are some ideas we give to our valuable clients.

The loft conversion gives you ample space, which can be used to make it a bedroom. The bedroom assures you a beautiful top view outside your window, perfect to welcome sunlight in winter and the daytime. Contracting with our company will ease you in getting space to the extent that you can get a bathroom attached to your rooms. On the other hand, working with inexperience may cause difficulty managing rooms without toilets.

Working from home is the new mode of job. You can utilise the dormer conversion in making your own home office. Working in bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms, etc., may reduce your efficiency because of the comfortable environment of these rooms. Getting a home office sets your accurate attitude and speeds up your work pace.

The converted dormers can be used as an escape from the busy life routine and as a gaming or relaxing room. Our interior designers will design these rooms with rugs, cushions, paintings, and other accessories so that the room is successful in relaxing your mind. The space will radiate positive energy that, after taking a break, you will be good to work again.

The Total Bill

Our team makes every effort to provide you with the best service in affordable dormer loft conversion cost in Fareham. There are several factors on which the total cost of getting loft conversion service depends. A few of the elements are listed below,

  • The complexity of the place of dormer conversion
  • The size of the roof of the house
  • The materials you choose for finishing your dormer

MCA Builds: People’s Popular Choice

Dormer Loft Conversion Fareham is proud to claim that we are people’s popular choice. The clients who work with us refer us to others because

  • We deliver on time
  • Our simple work policy
  • Competitive prices
  • Qualified, skilled and cooperative team
  • Use of premium quality products
  • We do not claim additional charges at the end
  • Fair contracting
  • Accessible at all times

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