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Kitchen Refurbishment Fareham

Kitchen Refurbishment Fareham

The easiest way to enjoy a brand-new kitchen in your home

When your sink is constantly clogging, the colours of your kitchen walls have faded, and cabinet doors have fallen off their hinges, you know there is a dire need for kitchen refurbishment services. Whether you need simple cupboard refurbishment or detailed refurbishment, our kitchen refurbishment services in Fareham take care of everything. Our detail-oriented approach helps to incorporate nitty gritty details in your kitchen refurbishment project. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, with our bespoke kitchen refurbishment in Fareham, you can be confident that your project will be completed in the allotted time and budget.

Offering you various types of renovation

Being a kitchen renovation company in Fareham, and operating for years, we understand what type of renovation our clients want. The better you understand what kind of renovation you want, the simpler it is for us to ensure a perfect renovation.  Let us guide you about all three types of kitchen renovation in Fareham.

Cosmetic renovation 

 These are the simplest and most popular renovations and instantly add a greater value to your home. Cosmetic renovation is all about updating a few elements in your home, such as countertops, resurfaced or new cabinets and painting your kitchen wall for an overall good appearance of your kitchen.  Our kitchen installation in Fareham is of top-notch quality to surpass the standards already set by other companies.

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Home Improvement Protection

The integral question here is whether you want to do the cosmetic renovation for yourself or to sell your home.  If you want to sell your home, look at your kitchen from the viewpoint of a buyer. Our kitchen refurbishment Fareham team tries to upscale your kitchen by painting walls, resurfacing cabinets and adding floor if necessary. Hardware is the most appealing element in the kitchen; we use luxury vinyl planks to create a beautiful appearance in your kitchen. Our modification requirements meet the needs of all our clients.

Remove and reinstall renovations

This type of renovation particularly expands on cosmetic renovation. Without changing the layout of your kitchen, our best kitchen fitters in Fareham work on removing cabinets, sinks, stoves and replacing them in the exact same position.  This renovation is done on a bigger scale without changing the position of the hardware.


Luxury renovation

 Our luxury renovations are focused more on custom additions to your kitchen. It incorporates both cosmetic and remodelling changes in the overall design scheme of your kitchen.  Modern renovation elements such as breakfast nook and installation of a walk-in pantry are added to your kitchen. We give you the option of doing a complete redesign or simply updating with custom features. However, to truly optimise the layout, hire our professionals to assist with the design and planning stages.

The detailed process of kitchen refurbishment and renovation

When your kitchen gets outdated, it is the ideal time to avail of our kitchen refurbishment Fareham services.  We are proficient in doing minor and major refurbishment and renovation work. We specialise in refurbishing, renovation and remodelling work and are a one-stop shop for all your needs and wants. Our detailed process is stated below:

Kitchen Refurbishment Fareham


Initial Consultation

For an initial consultation, our design team visits your site for a detailed discussion.  We talk about project goals, specific functions, allotted time and budget range for your project.  During the consultation, photos of your kitchen, along with precise measurements, are also taken.

Schematic Design

 Considering all the requirements, our design team works on innovative ideas to uplift the appearance of your kitchen.  Through an extensive brainstorming process, we develop schematic plans. A schematic plan is a detailed design plan portraying all your design requirements to achieve the vision of your dream vision. 

Detailed discussion

Upon the completion of schematic design, we use 3D render software to provide a 3D rendered design, so you can visualise your kitchen.  In addition, we assist you in selecting suitable countertops, doors, tiles and finishes.

Documentation of construction process

Before construction work, all the work is well documented as a final check measure to avoid uncertainty in future.  This documentation contains the division of the allotted budget to replacements, plumbing and electrical placements and finishes selection.


Our kitchen refurbishment Fareham team will be at your doorstep to provide you with the ultimate best services.  Our project manager frequently visits your site to ensure quality work. We provide follow-up services to make sure that you are satisfied with your decision to work with MCA Build.

Bespoke kitchen remodelling in Fareham

Before you embark on the kitchen remodelling process, our kitchen remodelling in Fareham team will guide you about the smart strategies to add value to your kitchen.

Paint and save on cabinet counters

 New cabinets and counterparts are costly investments when all you need is a stroke of paint to add a new appearance to your kitchen.  But if your cabinets are worn out, our kitchen refurbishment Fareham team efficiently takes out damaged cabinets and installs custom, eye-catching cabinets in your kitchen.  

Splurge on top-quality faucets

Faucets are the most used accessories in the kitchen.  We provide premium quality faucets so that your kitchen looks fresh.