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House Extensions Waterlooville

House Extensions Waterlooville

When faced with space shortage due to a growing family or other reasons, households have several options. You can move to a new and bigger home, or you can carry out a house extension. Moving to a new home may not be convenient for every family. The acquisition cost and the cost of moving will be substantial. Moreover, you and your family may not be comfortable with moving to a new place and leaving your old neighbourhood behind. House extensions, therefore, become a more feasible choice in such situations. They involve construction and alterations, but the hassle is much less than moving out. There are several types of house extensions, and we carry out all of them. Consult us, and we will provide you with guidance and all related construction services for a proper house extension Waterlooville.

Rear House Extension

Our expert extension team can provide you with a rear extension, which is the simplest of all types. The name is self-explanatory. The rear of your house will be extended to increase your kitchen and living area space. Sliding glass doors are often used to seamlessly integrate your outdoor and indoor space, bringing in more natural light. Modern rear extensions can truly enhance not just the space but the aesthetic value of your home. Our rear house extensions are highly affordable and offer you a chance to create an open space living area.

Side Return Extension

Side alleys in most of the period properties are usually wasted. The side return extension puts this area to good use. It can allow you to build an adequately big open-plan kitchen. You can add roof glazing to bring in more natural light and create a sitting/dining area. These extensions save your garden space and light up back rooms, usually left dark. They are easy to construct and relatively more affordable than other extensions. Let us know if you want a side return house extension Waterlooville.

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Wrap around extension

A wrap-around extension combines both side return and a rear extension. It forms an L-shaped extension that combines the benefits and space of your home’s rear and side alley. Indoor-outdoor integration, glass roofs, garden space conservation, increased natural light, and large open space plans are some benefits of a wrap-around extension. Our architects and interior designers can prepare the perfect layout for your wrap-around extension to maximise space and give it the most modern touch. Contact us for an effective and highly customised wrap-around home extension in Waterlooville.

Add a storey or two with a single/multiple-storey extension:

If none of the above extensions seems to address your requirements, do not despair because a single or multiple-storey extension will resolve all space issues. A single-storey extension is the addition of an entirely new floor which can be used for creating different rooms. They can be combined with other extensions to enhance your living space. They are more extensive and complicated. Single or multiple-storey house extension cost in Waterlooville is higher than all other types of extensions. They require a higher degree of technical skills and should be carried out by highly professional people. Our in-house structural engineers and architects can provide single or multiple-storey extensions to your complete satisfaction.


House Extension Waterlooville and regulations


Some facts about house extensions and planning permissions are as follows.

  • Rear extensions and side return extensions do not usually require planning permission.
  • Wrap-around extensions may or may not require planning permission.
  • Single or multiple-storey extensions typically require planning permission.

Pertinent to mention that all extensions will require building approval. You will find several house extension contractors in Waterlooville but few who would be willing to help you with planning permission and building regulations. Our team of experts will prepare all your technical drawings and coordinate with the concerned departments to ensure timely compliance. The building regulation process demands constant coordination with the concerned department, which our architects will manage. Rest assured, you will receive your completion certificate without any hassle.

House Extensions Waterlooville


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