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How Can House Extension Fareham Be Beneficial for You?

Home extensions are one of the most useful methods of increasing the usable space of your home. There are different types of house extensions, including single/multiple storey extensions, wrap-around extensions, side return extensions, and rear extensions. Each type is unique and can add considerable living space. House extensions are ideal for those who need some extra space but do not want to move to another location. It is also suitable for those who want to increase the estate value of their home. The idea behind house extensions is to provide you with extra space while remaining within the existing boundaries of your property. We are a highly experienced construction company offering various construction services, including house extensions. We have an in-house team of highly qualified and trained professionals to perform these construction activities.

Single/multiple Storey Extensions for Adding New Floors

Single or multiple-storey extensions are a daunting task. They require meticulous planning and advanced construction skills. They also require the services of various tradespeople such as engineers, architects, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and many others. They also need planning permission approval in most cases. A single-storey extension provides you with a new floor which can be used for building any room you desire. Whether it is a gym or a home office, a new floor can accommodate many rooms, whether it is a bedroom or kitchen. Single-storey extensions may require reinforcing existing foundations. Multiple storey extensions can also be carried out if you need more space. Single/multiple-storey house extension costs in Fareham are higher than all other types of extensions. Building control approval is always required for these types of extensions. Our house extension Fareham team will arrange all the necessary approvals to provide you with a hassle-free extension.

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Wrap Around House Extension to Create an L-shaped Structure

These house extensions combine the benefits of two types of extensions. The rear extensions and the side return extensions. This provides considerable space as your side alley and the rear end of your home both come under use. Otherwise, utterly wasted alley space becomes useable and can be transformed into beautiful dining places while you can use more of your garden space. The wrap-around extension allows you to enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors of your home. With a wrap-around extension, you can enjoy a much larger kitchen and living space. These extensions do not require planning permission but will need building approval. Our expert house extension builders in Fareham can provide you with the most incredible wrap-around extensions.

Side Return Home Extension to Make Your Side Alley Useable

Side return extensions do not require planning permission. They are simple to carry out and can benefit homes with a side alley. The alleyway is converted into usable space. You can add a pitched roof or a flat roof, add skylight windows, build a dining space, and much more. This extension lets you enjoy the outdoors as well as the indoors. These extensions are less costly than wrap-around and single/multiple-storey extensions. As with every other construction activity, they will require a building completion certificate.


Rear House Extension Fareham to Create a Larger Living Space

Like the side return, these extensions are also incredibly simple and highly affordable. They let you create a seamless outdoor-indoor integrated living space. You can enjoy your garden, extend your kitchen, and create open living areas. Rear extensions do not require planning permission, while building approval will be needed. Our house extension company in Fareham considers all jobs big and important, whether a rear extension or a single/multiple storey extension

Create Bespoke Rooms and Living Spaces

House extensions can help you create open plan areas that give your existing homes a unique and modern look. Single & multiple storey extensions can be used to add kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, playrooms, and many more. Rear and side return extensions can provide great sitting and dining areas. Our house extension specialists in Fareham can help you decide the rooms you want to add to your extensions and the wing layout and provide you with all the required services. We have flooring specialists, roofing experts, interior designers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc., to carry out all the necessary activities.