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Which Loft Ladders are Ideal for Small Spaces? Find Out Here

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A Few Tricks to Hit the Right Loft Ladder for Your Compact Place

Making the most of your loft space and using it for a multitude of purposes is understandable, but obtaining decent access to it is equally important. A set of ideal loft ladders is what is required. If you are grappling with the difficulty of finding the best loft ladder for your space, below are some helpful tips to facilitate your process:

Assessing the Dimensions of the Space

  • Loft Hatch Dimensions:

Before everything else, you should be quick to arm yourself with the key measurements, the first of which should be the inside dimensions of the loft hatch opening. We recommend gauging the length and width from the narrowest positions of the open loft hatch; loft ladders set down a minimum opening, and it’s frustrating enough to eventually decide on the loft ladder only to realise it by no means fit in. 

  • Vertical and Horizontal Dimensions:

Next, figure out which side you want your loft ladder to get pivoted inside the loft. Then take the vertical measurement from this side of the hatch to the roof, and a horizontal measurement from the same side of the hatch to any nearby hindrance, to ascertain whether the ladder will easily move within the area.

  • Floor-to-floor Dimensions:

The next step will be to measure floor-to-ceiling height and floor-to-loft floor height.

  • Below-loft dimension:

These dimensions ensure that no obstruction hinders the path of the loft ladder when opened. These are taken horizontally from the pivot side of the ladder to any nearby hindrance.


Selecting the Ladder That Fits the Space

Once you are done with the groundwork of taking measurements, you get some idea about what kind of loft ladders will work best for you. The decision now comes down to your budget and preferences. 

Types of Loft Ladders

  • Folding loft ladders:

These ladders are ideal for people looking to make the most use of their loft space. They might require a hatch longer than you currently have, carrying a fully integrated loft hatch casing usually fixed on a completely insulated, draught-proof trapdoor, rendering it a good choice for someone wishing to do away with painting and thermal insulation costs. An important aspect is its sitting on the door trap when folded, thus efficiently minimising the space it takes in the loft.

  • Sliding Loft Ladders:

This is the kind, people turn to when they frequently use the loft and are looking for easy access to the loft. It is sturdier, separate from the trapdoor and operates with a pole supplied with the ladder. The drawback of such a structure includes the extent of space taken up by the ladder as it is not stowed,

  • Concertina Loft Ladders:

These are preferred when the space around the hatch is limited and cannot be extended. When stowed, the ladder sits directly on the loft trapdoor. It is opted for when obstructions hinder the space.



Material for Loft Ladders

  • Wooden Loft Ladders

Wooden ladders are a better choice in terms of robustness and aesthetics; good-quality timber will certainly provide you with a lightweight but sturdier ladder with a lot less noise when used.

  • Aluminium Loft Ladders

Lightweight yet robust and corrosion-resistant, aluminium loft ladders make for a decent choice. With the ability to bend and flex, they might feel a little uneasy when climbing, making it a less suitable option for those not used to such turbulence.

Factoring in the Load

Consider the amount of load your ladder will bear when in use, along with its life expectancy and durability; these aspects will help you decide on the best ladder to go for.

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